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He is really a scared unhappy little boy who only wants mama to love him. William July, the author of “Confessions of an Ex-Bachelor: How to Sift Through All the Games Players to Find Mr.

How much have better rights for woman served to emasculate men to such an extent that they think it’s cool a woman to do EVERYTHING in a relationship. It’s not long before they’ll be giving you those puppy dog eyes and kindly request that you whip them up a batch chocolate chip cookies (just the way Mama does!

) and have healthy relationships with their family.

Actually, I think having solid, long-term relationships that stem from childhood are probably a good thing when it comes to forming functional relationships as an adult.

Honestly, as much as good Mothers are indispensable, no fully-functioning man should need his Mama do his laundry, feed him his favourite breakie or tuck him in a night (let him find himself a girl/boyfriend for that last one, hey? The Mama’s Boy Himself Despite what was said above.

I’m really in no position to criticise anyone’s parenting.

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